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Betty's Ultrasound

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to the blog for our Betty/ Jack litter. This is where all information, pictures, videos, etc will be posted from now on. It is easier for us to keep everyone informed by posting everything on here. Once the puppies are born, we will post information on here weekly so make sure to check the blog frequently. If you have any questions or comments, you can still contact us through email at Feel free to share this page with family and friends so they can follow along :)

Now for the exciting is a short clip of Betty's ultrasound. We have a confirmed pregnancy!!! 🎉 We are unable to get an exact count on an ultrasound because they are so tiny and you can't tell which ones you have counted and which you haven't. We will go around February 9th for an x-ray. This will give us a better idea of how many puppies she will have. I will post the x-ray picture on this blog as well, so make sure to check back here then. Here is a video of the ultrasound and the first glimpse at your puppy.

Have a great day!

Alyson Stuart

Southland Goldens

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