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New Puppy Information and T-shirts

Hey Everybody!

All of the puppies have been picked 🎉 We currently have 1 female available (Ms. White) so if you know of an awesome family that might be interested please send them my way.

Couple of things to go over. Now that all the puppies have been picked our week 7 video will be a little different. Can you please email me with the following information by Monday morning (if you prefer we not say anything just let me know)

  1. Puppies name if you have one picked out

  2. City/ State your puppy will be moving to

  3. Any shout outs to kids/ grandkids ect....anything you want to add makes it fun!

I will be sending the AKC New Puppy information in your pups going home folder but I'm also going to email a copy now. There is a lot of great information on welcoming a new puppy into your home...please make sure you check it out.

Your puppy is due for their 2nd round of shots on September 19th. Make sure you have that appointment lined up.

I've received a few emails regarding our Southland Goldens T-shirts. Our new design/ shirt colors are listed below. We have S-2XL available in each color. Please let me know if you would like to purchase one (they are $25 each and will hopefully be ready by Sept 12th...if not we will mail it to you)

Heather Gray

Heather Cardinal Red

Heather Navy

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