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The Puppies are here!!!

Hey Everybody,

Wow was yesterday a busy day! Maggie went into labor around 11:30am and by the end of the day she had 11 puppies. Your pups DOB is December 8, 2022.

We have 5 boys and 6 girls. Everyone is doing great, and Maggie is getting her much needed rest. Right now we are staying by her side to make sure all of the puppies are nursing and she can rest comfortably.

Our week 1 video will be posted next Thursday so make sure to check the blog frequently.

Now it's time to meet the puppies! Here is the collar color each puppy will wear until they go home at 8 weeks old.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

The Girls:

Ms. Green, Ms. Purple, Ms. Yellow, Ms. White, Ms. Gray, Ms. Pink

The Boys:

Mr. Brown, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, Mr. Black, Mr. Red

Here are the photos of your new puppy. You will also see a picture of our son, Luke. This is the first FULL delivery process he has been a part of and he was a huge help!

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