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The puppies are here!

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the blog for our Dana/ Tommy litter. This is where all pictures, weekly videos, supply recommendations and schedules will be posted so make sure to check it frequently. You can still contact me via email or phone if you have any questions.

Now for the fun part.....

The puppies are here!!!

Dana went into labor late yesterday evening and the first puppy was born at 12:01am today (yay for an all night delivery). Your puppies date of birth is July 18, 2023. She had 7 puppies but unfortunately 1 did not make it (feel free to email me and I'll explain more in detail).

We have 3 boys and 3 girls.

Everyone is doing great, and Dana is getting her much needed rest. Right now we are staying by her side to make sure all of the puppies are nursing and that she can rest comfortably.

Our week 1 video will be posted next Tuesday so make sure to check the blog then.

Now it's time to meet the puppies! Here is the collar color each puppy will wear until they go home at 8 weeks old.

The Girls:

Ms. Green, Ms. Purple and Ms. White

The Boys:

Mr. Blue, Mr. Black and Mr. Red

If your puppy is going to be flying with our flight nanny to you please let me know and let's go ahead and start looking at flight options (usually the earlier we book the cheaper the tickets are). If you are interested in this just let me know and I'll send you a quote and flight options.

Here is your first photo of your new fur baby :)

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