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The puppies are here!!!

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the blog for our Penny/ Tommy litter. This is where all pictures, weekly videos, supply recommendations and schedules will be posted so make sure to check it frequently. You can still contact me via email or phone if you have any questions.

We have 1 boy (Mr. Green) and 1 girl (Ms. Purple). This is the color collar they will wear until they join their forever families.

The puppies are doing great and are gaining weight. Penny is such a great mom 💗

Right now we are staying by her side to make sure she is getting her much needed rest and that that puppies are nursing.

Our weekly videos will be posted every Monday so make sure to check the blog each week. Our week 1 video will be posted Monday, November 13th.

Here is the photo of the 2 pups the day they were born 💜💚

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