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Supply Recommendations

Here is a list of supplies that we recommend. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Shopping!! a. Leash and Collar. Your puppy will need a collar that can be adjusted easily. The collar should fit snuggly so it won’t slip off but not too tight; you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and the pup’s neck. Make sure to check this frequently because your puppy will be growing quickly. Most puppies are wearing 8-10" collars when they go home. Puppies that stay for training (until 12 weeks in age) typically wear 11"-12" collars when they go home. b. Crate and playpen. We are big on crate training and playpens- not only because it keeps your puppy safe when you are unable to watch them, but it also helps with the potty-training process. I recommend purchasing a 36" wire crate. These crates will be too big for your puppy at first so make sure you purchase the crate with a divider to section the place off where your new puppy will sleep. You do not want them to have the whole crate because dogs do not like to go potty where they sleep….if they have the option to go to the other end of the crate to potty then come back to sleep that makes the potty training process a lot harder. Make sure your puppy is able to stand up, lie down, turn around and stretch inside the crate. Here is an example of a crate we recommend: : Dog Crate MidWest ICrate 36 Inch Folding Metal Dog Crate w/ Divider Panel Intermediate Dog Breed, Black : Pet Supplies ***If you want a crate that your FULL grown golden can sleep in then go ahead and purchase the 42" crate with a divider. Typically, once they are potty trained and out of the "puppy phase" they do not need to be crated.

c. Puppy Food- We feed TLC food to all of our dogs. Your new puppy will be on the Puppy formula until they are about 12 months old and then they will transfer to the Life Stages formula. This food is only sold online. When you order the food you can sign up for auto ship and they will deliver it to your house (delivery is free). You can purchase the food by clicking here: $5 Off TLC When You Place Your First Order! – TLC Pet Food d. Food and Water bowls. There are many different types of doggy dishes to choose from. I would recommend using a stainless-steel bowl because they are easy to clean and sanitize (unlike plastic bowls which can easily get scratched and hold bacteria and residue in these areas). They also cannot be chewed up by a new teething puppy. e. Grooming. We use baby shampoo on all of our puppies and adult dogs. You will also need a brush, nail clippers (make sure to only cut the hook of the nail off. If you are uncertain have your vet show you the proper way) and toothbrush. Start a regular grooming routine as soon as your puppy joins you- this will make the process a lot easier when they are adults. We use the furminator brush to help cut back on the is the one I personally like FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large, Long Hair - 101008 : Pet Supplies f. Toys. Puppies love toys. We recommend strong durable, well-made toys (like kong toys) that are sized appropriately for your dog. Cheaper is not always better- you do not want a toy that your dog can easily take apart and swallow small pieces. Rope toys are also good as they help floss teeth while the puppy plays. Also make sure to get fetching toys such as tennis balls. I am not a fan of rawhide bones so my advice is to steer clear of those.

Recommended toys:

They also make puzzles for dogs/ puppies...these are great to keep them entertained. You can find several different options on Amazon :) g. Cleaning Supplies. Your puppy is going to have accidents inside. You will need to use an odor neutralizing cleaning supply that removes all traces of urine and pet stains to keep your puppy from repeatedly using the same spot. There are many different options online h. Dog beds- I highly recommend you do not purchase a nice fluffy pillow for your new puppy- unless you want to come home to a nicely shredded cotton ball. Your puppy is teething and 99% of them will shred their bed within the first few days. I am a big fan of the Kuranda beds...our adult dogs love them too. They are cool in the summer and you can buy pillow toppers for the winter time.

We use the 40X25 Aluminum bed so they have plenty of room when they are full grown

i. Training- There are different types of training treats. We use Zuke's puppy training treats as the puppies get older. In the beginning I recommend just using their puppy food as a reward : Zuke's Puppy Naturals Puppy Treats Lamb and Chickpea Recipe - 5 Oz Bag : Pet Supplies We use clicker training for our dogs- here are a few training accessories I recommend for our pet owners who have a puppy staying for training. Clicker- : Petco Brand - Petco Dog Training Clicker, 0, Blue : Petco : Pet Training Clickers : Pet Supplies Treat bag- Vivaglory Sports Style Dog Treat Bag, Enlarged Opening Dog Training Treat Bag with Detachable Waistband, Poop Bag Dispenser, Convenient to Carry Treats, Kibbles, Black : Pet Supplies j. THIS IS A MUST BUY- Last but definitely not least is what I consider a lifesaver for the puppies first few nights home. This would be Mr. Lambchop. Puppies are used to sleeping on top of their littermates in groups so we have found that having this lambchop gives them the feeling of sleeping in a "pack". Buy it now- thank me later :)

We use the jumbo size while the puppies are here with us. Multipet's Officially Licensed Lamb Chop Jumbo White Plush Dog Toy, 24-Inch : Toys & Games Please let me know if you have any questions!!

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