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We breed for Quality, Health, and Temperament.

Thank you for choosing Southland Goldens! We (Drew and Alyson Stuart) started Southland Goldens in 2012.  We are breeders of top quality champion bloodline English Golden Retrievers. We are hobby breeders who live in Troy, Alabama. Our son, Luke was born in 2014 and has become a big part of our dogs/puppies lives....he basically runs the show! All of our dogs are part of our family and are exercised daily. All of our dogs go through testing to make sure they are clear of hip dysplasia, heart & eye conditions. If you are looking to purchase an English Golden Retriever make sure you do your research and that both parents have their health clearances. Hip dysplasia is very common in the breed, this is why a lot of planning and research goes into each of our litters. We make sure both parents have good standings with their health test. We also perform a COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) test on all potential litters. We are committed to bettering the breed...not making a profit, like puppy mills or backyard breeders.


When you purchase an English Golden Retriever from Southland Goldens we are here for you throughout your dogs life! We will help with any questions you may have regarding care, training, feeding, or anything else.





Drew and Alyson both come from families who always had Golden Retrievers. They knew they wanted to add a Golden Retriever to their family but when they started doing the research they were shocked to see that at the time over 60% of American Golden Retrievers die from cancer. They had both lost Goldens in the past to cancer and wanted to avoid the heartache if at all possible. Many families spend thousands of dollars each year trying to save their Goldens from this dreadful disease. After doing a lot of research they found that the percentage of English bloodline Golden Retrievers who die from cancer is significantly lower (almost 1/2). Also, the average life expectancy of an English Golden Retriever is about 2 years longer then one of an American Golden. They knew at that point they wanted an English Golden Retriever. They started with one female in 2012 and quickly fell in love. Our passion is dogs and we are so blessed to be able to do what we love every single day. 

Please visit our FAQ's page for more detailed information on how our dogs are chosen and how our puppies are raised.


Meet Drew & Alyson

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Meet The Team

White Golden Retriever Puppy


Luke is Drew and Alyson's son. He is 9 years old and is the puppy boss. He helps make sure all of our puppies are use to LOUD noises (this helps a lot with the socialization process)  As you can see from the pictures below he loves spending time with our dogs and puppies. He tells everyone they are his brothers and sisters (Luke's hair is white too so it works perfectly)! Luke is featured in a many of our weekly videos and wants to be a dog trainer when he grows up.

English Golden Retriever Puppy


Cecilia (better known as CeCe) is Alyson's mom. CeCe joined the team in 2019. She is our loving puppy grandmother. She spends time helping socialize our puppies and taking care of their moms. CeCe got Alyson her first Golden Retriever when she was 6 years old...which started all of this :)  We feel very blessed to have her to love and care for our puppies. 

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy


Grady joined our team in December 2017. He is a huge part of our adult dogs lives. Grady spends majority of his spare time and weekends working and playing with our big dogs. If you are picking up your puppy in Troy you will more than likely get to meet Grady. We are very thankful to have Grady's help and are very appreciative of his passion for our dogs. 

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Eric, Alyson's older brother, joined the Southland Goldens Team in 2019. We started offering a service where we will fly with your puppy to the airport of your choice to keep you from having to make the trip. Eric is our go to guy when it comes to this. Eric, his wife and 2 children live just outside of Atlanta. If you want your puppy to fly in cabin to you then let us know and we can arrange for Eric to fly with them. 

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Tony (better known as T-Paw) is Alyson's dad. Tony joined the team in 2021 as one of our dog trainers. He loves spending time working with the puppies from 8-12 weeks old. He also helps out with our puppy delivery service. Tony has driven puppies all across the United States for Southland Goldens.

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